Our History

In 2003 Chad was in the middle of his graduate studies in guitar performance. Being in college, he didn't have the  money to pay someone to build a website for his teaching business. So, it was off to the library to learn how to code. The first website was less than spectacular, but it set him on the path to learning web and graphic design.

Eventually Chad became the IT Director of a large church. This included web design and networking infrastructure in his job description. At the same time other organizations began to want a new perspective on their web presence and began contacting Chad for consulting and designing. This in essence was the beginning of the studio.

Working in a church gave much wisdom and insight into what is really needed in both churches and nonprofits. It only made sense for Kristi to bring her artistic gifts to the business to make us a powerhouse. This is where we find ourselves today. We find great joy in helping others in their mission with our specific skill sets. We live in Pittsburgh, PA and have three wonderful children.

Chad & Kristi

We are a team of very different personalities. Chad is the "boxes checked and Ts crossed" kind of guy. Kristi is the "paint first and tape later" kind of gal. This gives us a unique creative yin and yang kind of work. It allows us to keep a tight budget while staying creative and pushing the limits.

Our goal when working for a client is to truly find their passion and core values. Then, we try to work with their objectives and goals–what is truly needed and what needs to be kept out to fulfill the mission. Only then does the drawing board begin to see ink and color. We are small and want to stay that way. It allows us to focus on the same core values of our clients.

All in all, we are both artistic. But Kristi leans to visual side and Chad finds beauty even in code. We think it works and we hope you do too.